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Tim Jorgeson, CPYB

Certified Professional Yacht Broker

I first sailed in 1971, my aunt and uncle had four daughters and they bought them a 14 foot flat bottom plywood sailboat. They would go out for smooth sailing in light breezes on mellow summer days. One week I had a few of my high school buddies out to our summer cabin and had the offer to take out that sailboat. At the time I was more into motorcycles and water skiing with the exhilaration of speed, not much interested in sailing. So off we went hearing and feeling the craft glide thru the water as the wind grew and we learned the meaning of body ballast. On the fourth crossing we were walking the hull up or her side, seeing how close we could come to letting water enter the cockpit. At this point we were laughing and having a ball. Then it happened, we went over and into the drink! After the laughter and enormous enjoyment from the thrill of riding on the edge, I was hooked.

With a lifetime of boating experience, literally, my folks picked up their first boat at Shilshole’s Ray’s boat house, I was four. So now, with over 40 years of experience boating in the Northwest waters. I have crewed on yachts to 100' and owned several boats both power and sail with my current vessel a Dutch built offshore cruising ketch. I am a Certified Professional Yacht Broker and member of the Northwest Yacht Brokers Association.

I held a captains license with the US Merchant Marine, along and with years of power and sailing experience in the Northwest, California, Mexico and Hawaiian waters. Over twenty years of management and consulting experience in the information technology field where I was awarded the prestigious IBM Presidential Award of Excellence. The Admiral and I decided to focus on a career path enabling me to do what I enjoy, being on the water and helping others get there as well.

Whether building an option package for your next dream boat, arranging overseas deliveries or helping with a boat search to find the best boat to fit your needs. I can be reached via email at tim@marinesc.com, my cell at 206-276-5079 or you can find me at our Seattle Sales office on Lake Union.