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Ken Schmidt

Great boat yard

As an afterthought, I have to acknowledge the great service given us by our boat yard. I had the boat hauled, washed and bottom painted by the Anacortes Marine Service Center. Their crew was polite, friendly, and exceptionally easy to work with. While they were doing the washing and painting, I was doing the interior and valve replacement work, The crew offered invaluable tools, advice, and experience while accommodating all of my needs. If I asked a question or for them to take a look at something, they did so without extra charge. The yard was open to me both before and after normal business hours, allowing me to get the work done that I needed to do. This is not a “Self-Service” yard as such, but they will let you do your work so long as it doesn’t infringe on EPA and Shoreline Protection regulations.

I would highly recommend Anacortes Marine Service Center. I am small potatoes compared to a lot of what they handle but they treated me as well or better than their Million Dollar customers. Thanks Guys!

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