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Sail Alaska 2014

June 22, 2014
Poet's Cove, South Pender Island, BC, Canada

Sail Alaska 2014

Each summer, we at Marine Servicenter invite a group of friends to load their boat and join us for a cruise up the Inside Passage to Alaska.
Once again, Jim Rard will lead the flotilla with assistance from some of the techs at the boat yard and from past group members who have been waiting all year to get back out there.
Alaska is certainly home to the best cruising grounds this planet has to offer. You will see snowcapped mountains, deep fjords, glaciers and icebergs, narrow passes leading to shallow bays, and wildlife as close as you dare to get.
For those of you who are not quite ready to go it alone, or enjoy the company of like-minded boaters, this trip offers a chance to be with people of all levels of experience and knowledge. Make new friends, enjoy potluck dinners, or slip into an anchorage around the corner and enjoy the quiet solitude.
Marine Servicenter provides guides and technical support. We bring our own mechanic and electronic experts to help you get to know your boat better and get the most out of your trip. With expert planning and weather routing, we ensure that you experience all the best Alaska has to offer.
Sail Alaska 2013: a summer of records.
According to the locals and later confirmed by the National Weather Service, last summer was the best weather southeast Alaska has seen in 50 years.
On June 21st 2013, 30 brave souls headed north prepared for an “Alaska summer”. To our continued delight, each day got better and more exciting in every way. With the good weather came all forms of excitement and photo opportunities.
In the briefings leading up to our departure from Bedwell Harbor, B.C., we stressed being prepared to travel when the weather was bad, as it would increase our time for hiking and sightseeing when the weather turned nice. We soon realized if we stuck to that plan we would not have made it very far.
The few days of clouds and rain we did have were quickly forgotten, and we moved on in the sun. With the sun comes the wildlife…and the cameras! We are currently going through some 10,000 photos and 20 hours of video from our fleet of 8 boats, using these captured moments to craft the Sail Alaska 2013 movie. This should prove to be an epic film.
After 8 weeks of sensory overload, the sailors were in need of a vacation. We stopped in Ketchikan for a rest, and the official “end” of our cruise. At our last dinner party, the happy sailors shared photos, bragged about the biggest fish and crab, and most shrimp in one pot.
The next day came the wind and rain. Pinned down at the Bar Harbor Marina, we had an excuse to get some much needed rest and prepare for the 700-mile trip home. Two of the boats were anxious to get moving, heading south 2200 miles through San Diego to Mexico. For them, the trip to Alaska just a warm-up for the next grand adventure: cruising to the South Pacific and Atlantic.
On August 16th the boats started moving south; some made a beeline for home, some hung out in the islands to enjoy the exceptional fall weather and the quiet anchorages all to themselves.
We would love to have you join us for Sail Alaska 2014…and beyond!

For information contact:
Jim Rard
cell phone 206-369-2290
Check out Sail Alaska on https://www.facebook.com/sail.alaska
And http://www.youtube.com/user/SailAlaska2011
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