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Lite Propane Cylinders RECALL!

Subject: Lite Propane Cylinders No Longer usable.


Please be advised that The Lite Cylinder Company is no longer in business and is currently evaluating its legal options. The company’s facility is now closed and unable to receive cylinders returned per the instructions detailed in US DOT – PHMSA Emergency Order No. 2013-002. Furthermore, the company is financially insolvent and will not be able to recompense cylinder owners, dealers and distributors for the expenses incurred in complying with this Emergency Recall Order.

If you have any questions concerning the Emergency Recall Order you should contact John Heneghan, Regional Director, at (404) 832-1140, john.heneghan@dot.gov, or Aaron Mitchell, Director Field Services Support, at (202) 366-4455, aaron.mitchell@dot.gov.