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Now Dealers for SeaWind Catamarans

Marine Servicenter is proud to announce the appointment as dealer for SEAWIND CATAMARANS from Australia:

"Seawind Catamarans is Australia’s largest manufacturer of cruising sail and power catamarans producing some of the world’s best designs that are sold all over the globe. Since 1982 the company has been owned and managed by Richard Ward,an experienced yachtsman who has cruised the world, and and has helmed Seawind from strength to strength, now building over 25 boats a year and have built well over 200 catamarans.

Seawind has become Australia’s leading catamaran builder due to an uncompromising level of quality, ensuring each boat is always built complete to Seawind’s high level of standards. Our innovations in design have always been ahead of the field with concepts never considered before that prove time and time again to be successful.

Over 80 people are employed by Seawind in two facilities including a 60,000 sq ft factory in Bellambi in Wollongong and a new factory of 12,000 sq ft located in Nowra. Seawind are also a popular brand amongst charter fleets in Australia’s beautiful Whitsunday region and many other boats operating in locations such as Sydney Harbour, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Darwin, and Fremantle."

Come check out the amazing SEAWIND 1160 at the 2009 Boats Afloat Show. It earned the Cruising World Magazine "Most Innovative" Award in 2007!