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Friends from around the world visit the boat yard.

Over the past few months, the staff at Marine Servicenter’s Anacortes service yard has had the special privilege of hosting boats and their owners from around the world.

Dana Felicia

In mid-September, we were introduced to Sven Aaen, and his custom 63’ aluminum sailboat, Dana Felicia. Sven is from Denmark, and has now retired, which gives him an abundance of free time to sail to all sorts of exotic destinations, including beautiful Anacortes, Washington. Sven and Dana Felicia arrived to our dock on September 12, and we spent two weeks working with him making repairs to the boat, including replacing the rudder bearings and doing engine work. When one first catches a glimpse of Dana Felicia, really the first impression is “awe”, because of the boat’s large size (63 feet), and because Sven custom designed the boat himself, taking into account every last detail. This boat truly is a wonder.
After Sven left Anacortes on September 24, he and his crew sailed down the Pacific coast, and are currently en route to Mexico. If you would like more information on Sven’s adventures aboard Dana Felicia, be sure to visit their website at


Marc Decrey and his 38’ Alubat aluminum sailboat, Chamade arrived in Anacortes on October 4, and the boat will stay in our storage yard through the winter and finally depart in spring, 2013. Like Dana Felicia, Chamade is also an aluminum boat, but Marc is from Switzerland. After Marc’s countless adventures sailing the boat to Iceland and the Northwest Passage in Alaska, he has chosen our Anacortes storage yard as the winter resting place for Chamade, before it will be hauled out again next spring for its sailing trip to the South Pacific. Chamade also has an online blog; visit http://northwestpassage2012.blogspot.com/2012/03/sv-chamade-sailed-north...

Clear Water

To reinforce the theme that our visitors are truly from “around” the world, currently in our storage yard is Clear Water, a 44’ X-Yacht 442 from Japan. It is owned by Eiji Haratani and his family, who sailed it all the way from Japan. The thought of sailing and living on this boat across the Pacific is incredible, and one can see that the Haratanis used all the space available to store their gear. The deck of the boat-especially around the cockpit-is completely stuffed with fishing nets, an outboard motor, a dinghy, and other gear. Eiji and his family didn’t come directly to Anacortes from Japan either. The trip here was part of an extended trip, first to Alaska, then here in 2011, to Alaska again, and finally back to Anacortes, where the boat will be stored for three years. In the meantime, the Haratanis plan to rent an apartment in the area. This is an excellent time to focus on their growing family, as they have three children, and one on the way. Clear Water has a website, which you can visit for more information. See http://clearwater10.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2012-09-28-3