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Brent Moore

Mechanical Department Lead

Brent comes to us from beautiful Portland OR. where he spent his weekends boating, rock climbing, and backpacking all around the Pacific Northwest. When Brent and his wife first met, they shared a love of the water and a dream of exploring the world. So when the opportunity to rescue a long forgotten Grampian Classic 31’ presented itself, they didn’t hesitate. Summer weekends were quickly filled with sanding, sailing and exploring the boating lifestyle. But it just wasn’t enough for the couple. They threw caution to the wind, moved aboard a Formosa 41, and spent the next 4 years knee deep in a complete refit. But the ocean was still calling and the project list kept growing. It was time to take the plunge. In a matter of weeks, they sold both their home and the Formosa 41’, stumbled upon their dream boat, a Formosa 51’, and sailed into the sunset. Luckily for us, they set course for Anacortes and quickly fell in love with the San Juan Islands. With a degree in Diesel Technologies and ABYC Electrical, Brent will work with you on any boat projects you may need.